In Memory of

Fallen Bears


Anderson, Mike

Baird, Donald I

Baker, Lori

Barnett, Robert

Bogart, Darwin

Bogart, Mark

Burton, Clay

Burton, Fred

Burton, Tim

Carson, Daniel

Cheadle, Terrance

Correll, Allen

Croftons, Wayne

Davis, Billy

Dickerson, Ora

Dixon, Hiram

Dudley, Steve

Findley, John

Foreman, Maurice

Goudeau, Raymond, Jr.

Hurst, Tracy


Jackson, Roy

Johnson, Rodney

Johnson, Steve

Jordan, Reggie

McLeod, John

Pittman, Aaron

Richardson, Paul


Sowells, Bobby

Whitmore, Myra

Wooden, Patricia

Wooden, Tim

Young, Bennie

Young, Loretta

If you know of a East High Bear Alumni, who has made the transition, please let us know.

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Committee Members

Caw, Marlon

Hayes, Shaun

Johnson, Raymond

Lewis, Patrick

Love, Andre

Mitchell, Marcus


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